Pikko Land Eyes Indonesian Residential Market

JAKARTA (IFT) - Indonesia yang pertumbuhan ekonomi dan jumlah penduduk yang besar adalah alasan di balik bunga perusahaan properti asing 'dalam memasuki negara itu. Inilah sebabnya mengapa Pikko Land Corporation mengakuisisi saham mayoritas di PT Royal Oak Development Asia Tbk (RODA), menurut Departemen Riset IFT. Pikko Land menyatakan bahwa akuisisi ini merupakan langkah strategis untuk mengembangkan bisnis properti, terutama di pasar perumahan perkotaan Indonesia.Tahun ini,;

While every reasonable care has been taken in the preparation of this media and the plan attached, the developer and its agent shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies there in. All statements, specifications and plans are believed to be correct but not to be relied upon as statements or representation of facts. All floor areas are approximate measurements only and subject to final survey. All art renderings and illustrations contained in this media are artist’s impressions only and are not to be relied upon as representations of facts. Photographs contained in this media do not necessarily represent as-build standard specifications. All information and specifications are current at the time of going to print and are subject to change as may be required and do not form part of an offer or contract. The developer reserves the right to change the name of the building, building facade, logo or modify the units or any part thereof as may be approved or required by the relevant authority.

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