Penyampaian "Prosthetic Donasi" melalui Kick Andy Yayasan

Mr. Nio Yantony as the President Director of PT PIKKO LAND DEVELOPMENT Tbk , on behalf of PT PIKKO LAND DEVELOPMENT Tbk , submitted donation for the Prosthetic or "Program Kaki Palsu" in the amount of Rp. 116,200,000,— through the Kick Andy Foundation, who was represented by Mr. Andy F. Noya, as the Chairman of the Kick Andy Foundation. This submission was accompanied by Ms. Elizabeth Jane (Commissioner), Ms. Sicilia Alexander (Director), Ms. Jennifer Wirawan;

Pikko Land Rencana Akuisisi Dua Lands Layak Rp 300 Miliar

JAKARTA (IFT) – PT Pikko Land Tbk (RODA), publicly-listed property company, plans to acquire two new lands amounting to Rp 200 billion – Rp 300 billion. The two lands will be the last company’s acquisition action this year which targets to acquire five property projects and lands. Silvana, Director of Pikko Land, said the company will end this year’s acquisition by acquiring two lands located in Jakarta and outside the city in the fourth;

Pikko Land Menghabiskan 30% dari Capex Anggaran pada bulan Agustus

JAKARTA (IFT) - Property company PT Pikko Land Tbk (RODA) has spent Rp 300 billion of its capital expenditure (capex) as of August, 30 percent of this year’s Rp 1 trillion allocation. The low realization is due to slow processes of negotiations of acquisition and projects.This year, Pikko Land plans to acquire five property companies or projects, but only one has reached the final stage of negotiation—ready to be acquired, the Sahid Sudirman Center worth Rp 72;

Pikko Proyek Land Rp 3 T Pendapatan dari Botanica Hotel

JAKARTA (IFT) - Listed property company, PT Pikko Land Tbk (RODA), projects to book Rp 3 trillion from the sales of Simprug Botanica Residence apartment in South Jakarta. As of August, sales of the premium apartment project have reached Rp 1.8 trillion.Yantony Nio, President Director of Pikko Land, said that the current Botanica Residence apartments have bben marketed since late last year, with sales amounting to 60 percent. The project’s sales value reached Rp 1.8;

Pikko Land Pre-Selling Hasil Capai Rp 985 B

JAKARTA (IFT) - PT Pikko Land Tbk (RODA), a publicly-listed property firm, has posted pre-selling of Rp 985 billion in the first semester of 2012. The Botanica Residence contributed the most to the total with the value amounting to rp 700 billion.Silvana, Finance Director of Royal Oak, said the figure exceeded the total last year in the same period. “Last year, none of our property projects improved. Following the entry of Pikko, we have several projects that we could;

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