Pikko Land's Pre-Selling Proceeds Reach Rp 985 B;

09 Agustus 2012; Hits View, 6163

JAKARTA (IFT) - PT Pikko Land Tbk (RODA), a publicly-listed property firm, has posted pre-selling of Rp 985 billion in the first semester of 2012. The Botanica Residence contributed the most to the total with the value amounting to rp 700 billion.

Silvana, Finance Director of Royal Oak, said the figure exceeded the total last year in the same period. “Last year, none of our property projects improved. Following the entry of Pikko, we have several projects that we could sell this year,” he said.

Pikko Land at present has six residential projects, some are already under construction while some are still being designed. They are the Sahid Sudirman Residence, Signature Park Apartment, Signature Park Grande Apartment, Green Signature, Lebak Lestari Garden Apartement and Botanica Residence.

The Botanica Residence is 20 percent completed and contributed Rp 700 billion to the pre-selling figure in the first semester of 2012. The Sahid Sudirman Residence contributed Rp 84 billion, the Signature Park Grande contributed Rp 9.1 billion while the Green Signature and Signature Park each contributed Rp 46.1 billion and Rp 21.1 billion.

Nio Yantony, President Director of Pikko Land, said the Botanica Residence last year has sold 60 percent of its apartment rooms, or almost 400 from a total of 700 units. The totaled equaled Rp 1.8 trillion in value. Each apartment room, which is 100 square meters in space, is sold for Rp 5 billion.

“We project the total sales from the Botanica Residence apartment project to come to over Rp 3 trillion,” he said. The apartment project’s completion will be realized in the third quarter of 2013. The handover will be conducted between late 2013 and early 2014. Pikko Land has set the Botanica Residence as a priority.

Purchasing Shares

Silvana says Pikko Land is close to realizing the purchase of 90 percent shares in PT CTP. The shares will be bought for Rp 110 billion, fully derived from the company’s internal cash. PT CTP is the developer of the Maple Park Residence project in Kemayoran, Jakarta. The project is now 95 percent completed.

Focusing on Landed Houses

PT Bakrieland Development Tbk (ELTY), a property firm operating under the Bakrie Group, in the first semester of 2012 posted pre-selling that equaled around Rp 600 billion. Most of the sales came from city property projects, particularly landed houses and apartments.

“This we will focus sales on landed houses, particularly the Nirwana Residence, Bogor Nirwana Residence, Awana Yogyakarta, Batam Nirwana Residence and the Ijen Nirwana Residence project in Malang. So, the strategy has shifted from the one last year, which focused more on apartment units,” said Ambono Januarianto, President Director of Bakrieland.


In the second quarter of 2012, Bakrieland Development’s pre-selling equaled Rp 330 billion. The Sentul Nirwana Residence contributed the most to the total. The pre-sales in June came to Rp 42 billion. (*)


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